Flour into Life


Head baker and pastry chef Ibiza

Flour into life

Professional Workshops on ibiza making breads pastry and more.



Pastry and bakery professional with years of experience in the sector,innovative product preparation methodology.

Pastry courses basic and advanced bread and bakery products and pizza.

I work with yeast and all kinds of compressed and dry yeast including organic yeast.

Working with new generation flours and with concepts of dough preparation with fruit and vegetable ferments with the absence of yeast.

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Making the croissant sfogliato

The croissant is my speciality, two-colored chocolate and two-colored puff pastry. I use a classic method of work, evrything handmade with 4 folds of peeling and only quality flours.

MAking the orginal baci di dama biscuit

My working method for the biscuit, completely handmade without the use of moldmachines. We will use melted butter,  almond flour and other secret and quality ingrediënts. Resulting in the wonderful taste of crumbly almond and chocolate.

The classical painauchocolate

The painauccholate is a classical French puff pastry. We make it with 4 folds, high quality flours and  70% of pure dark chocolate.

MAking the Exclusive Girella sfogliata

A classical Italian, salty and sweet handmade pastry with rolling pin, the 2 classical fold method. We will use delicous and pure ingredients like flour, raisins, apricot jam, salted water, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil

Workshop with the master Piergiorgio Giorilli

I followed a course Venetian and Panettone with the Italian Master Piergiorgio Giorilli.

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pizza in teglia romana

This delightful pizza prepared in a baking tin has the real taste of the ancient flours and has a natural fermentation of 48 hours. It is kneaded with spelt flour, stone milled wholemeal flour and burrato flour.  The advantage of this preperation is that is easy and healthy to digest.

different types of bread  of the world

humburger bread, bombay pav, pan palles, pinza de agustina, banana bread, baguette, pane mediterraneo , pan brioche.

making  the original italian pizza

The original Italian Pizza is made with stone ground wheatmeal flours with 2 fermentations, both 12 hours, in total 24 hours. There is 70% hysratation which causes that the pizza is easy to digest.



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about me


I fall in love with bread 4 years ago almost by accident,

in the company for which I was working as a pizza- maker the French baker is fired and my chef asks me to put myself in this world (convinced and confident in my possibilities). At 43 I accept this new challenge and I start with myself in this new and beautiful adventure.

The passion for bread and all bakery products is immediate, the love for production inside the laboratory is like saying before the discovery, the sensations of producing with my hands so much goodness and so much beauty, the challenges of inventing and changing the recipes to shape the shapes and the crispness of the products with my ideas, made me and still makes me proud to create them and make them available to the public. Giving life to bread, with its aromas and its sweet creaks in cooling, when it rests just pulled out of the oven is like listening to music that tells you about life. The attempt to improve myself more and more to achieve perfection in leafing and forming a croissant and various pastry products, then one day in the future make myself available to teach all the perfection that I managed to achieve ... and this future is now .




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